Dave's Driving School (Chippenham, Wilts)
DSA approved FULLY Qualified ADI (previously with AA & BSM)
Dave's Driving School
Dave's Driving School


  Dave's Driving School   (Chippenham, Wilts)

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Dave Wallace  -  DSA approved Fully Qualified ADI

Top results in far fewer driving lessons covering Chippenham area (e.g. Calne Corsham Melksham Devizes Trowbridge Malmesbury Bradford-on-Avon Bath-BA1 etc.)
PREVIOUSLY with BSM and the AA Driving schools

LATEST RESULTS (Sept 2013)!!!
52 FIRST time passes of last 56 !
Yes not just test passes but FIRST time passes!

Due to amazing recent FIRST time test passes I have a few sought after vacancies!! PHONE me now!! QUICK!
JOIN NOW & take your test before XMAS!!! 

Most stupid question I am asked :- 
How much are your lessons????

why not :-
How much will it cost to PASS my test?
How many lessons will it take?
How much will I actually DRIVE on lessons?
How long before I can take & PASS my test?
What is your current pass rate???


ANOTHER new record 52 first time passes out of the last 56 tests and the other 4 were 2nd time passes!!

Recent passes August / sept 2013:-
Dan from Chippenmam 1st time only 3 minors 4 days before going to uni

Amy W (sheldon) 1st time pass 4 minors

Erin (Bath college) 1st time pass a week before she moves to Brighton!!

Charlotte (Box) 1st time pass only 1 minor!!

* Callum (Abbeyfield) 1st time pass ZERO minors *

The list goes on and on
Also pupils from other driving schools that failed numerous times then came to me to PASS!! :-

Wan failed 7 times then passed first time 3 minors!!

Josh (Calne) failed 3 times then 1st time with me
The list goes on and on

 Most common qoutes from pupils :-

 I wish I had found you first before I wasted all my money on that other school!!

I have learnt more in one lesson with you than 10 with the other instructor!!

I really enjoy my lessons with you where I dreaded them with my other instructor!

If Carlsberg did driving instructors it would be you!! (cheers Dan I like that one LoL!!)

Well done Harry for passing with ONLY 3 minors! in less than 3 weeks from the start!
(& then his mate Tom 1st time and only 6 weeks!)

Why not LEARN WITH A FRIEND?? Save money and learn together with my specialist TWO UP training (almost HALF price per person!)

JOIN NOW TO TAKE A TEST within a few months or less!!

The majority of my students have passed within a few months or less and most of them FIRST time.

"Dave really is great, he's by far the best instructor in this area! I had 3 previous instructors for over a year who just wasted time and just seemed to want as much money and lessons as possible out of me  dragging my lessons out and not letting me book a test! Dave got me to book a test on my FIRST lesson and I passed 6 weeks later! I sooo wish I had found him first I could of saved so much money! He taught me things in a way I hadn't been before and in a way that made so much sense and reason. I progressed far quicker than ever before.
One lesson with Dave is better than 5 with the other  instructors!" Sarah - Chippenham

"Dave is a LEGEND! I tried 2 other instructors then found Dave - what a difference! He really gets on with things and is great, I learnt more in my first lesson than I had in several with my previous instructors and passed my test within 5 weeks FIRST time!"  (Josh from Corsham)

The VEHICLE I use is the BRAND NEW award winning Citroen DS3   (as pictured above). A dream to drive and very stylish, eco friendly & safe!

Services -  Learner lessons - Pass plus - Refresher lessons - individual custom lessons (e.g. reverse parking) - eco driving - Motorway - Intensive & semi-intensive lessons Free help & advice with theory training and test bookings.

A high chance of passing quickly FIRST time!! 
Day time Monday to Friday per hour Discount
Early bird am lesson discount - 1/2 price Pass Plus -
TWO UP training (learn with a friend and almost half the costs while learning together)
Please ASK for others!!

 RECENT RESULTS - I am proud to list mine! 

over 90% in last 12 months passed 1st time!
including 25 on the trot 52 out of 56 as yet & HARRY who passed FIRST time after only 2 weeks and 5 days of lessons from scratch!!

NO student in the past 3 years has needed more than 3 tests!
98% students on test get 6 minors or less   
"We drove around the sheldon area of Chippenham and noticed 3 other learner cars sat pa
rked, one instructor even had his door open with his feet out of the car! We did 3 manouvres and they were ALL still in the same places when we went past them! Those poor students were paying for all that time but I had done 3 manouevres!

I know because that used to be me with a well known company!" Pete - Calne

Tried before and given up?

Not happy with your current lessons?

Fed up with being sat in a car for most of your lessons looking at pictures etc and not driving?

Failed a test or more already?

Not progressing as fast as you think you should be?
Had quite a few lessons and still no test booked?

Don't understand the clutch and thinking of automatic car lessons? DON'T DO IT!!!


Think all instructors are the same???????

 I believe I am the best instructor in the area - why don't you try me for a lesson and find out?
Or ask a previous or current student?
Don't just take my word for it!
Don't wait until you fail several tests to try me! phone now and pass quickly and save money!

Don't waste your money elsewhere TRY ME!

 Text or phone me  NOW!

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 0789 555 444 9  or  01249 655055 

Please leave me a message if no reply - I will get back to you ASAP